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roof insulation, facade insulation, floor insulation (choice of aluminium or white mineral glass fleece)

What do we mean by occasional insulation?

When starting up production lines of foam insulation such as PUR or PIR insulation, it takes some time for the entire production device to run correctly. This may lead to differences between the different production batches with the result that this insulation, which has to meet insulation qualities, cannot be sold as A grade.

These sheets are great for applications in floors, cavity walls, sloping roofs and flat roofs. and therefore … a cheap alternative! The b-choice materials are therefore rejected on one or more of the quality requirements of the producer.

The R-value has the heat resistance of a material then expressed in m²k / w. the higher the R-value, the better the thermal insulation of the material


Also available in other lengths (120-250 cm) 100 m2 on request

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